This section of the website will explain how to take live cuttings you have collected and pre-soaked, and grow these into rooted cuttings (TRS Cuttings). The information is targeted at citizens who want to conduct micro-ecosystem restoration treatments on their own. This could consist of landowners restoring ecosystems on their own property, or, for example, birding or conservation groups planting to resort critical habitat areas. Teachers with this knowledge could also involve their students in ecosystem restoration work every year. Anyone can grow these plants. Please be aware however that the system used to grow these plants is still a work in progress, further refinements are certainly possible.

  1. Locating & Constructing Beds
  2. Preparing the Potting Bags
  3. Preparing the Soil Mix
  4. Preparing the Live Cuttings
  5. Planting the Beds
  6. Mulching
  7. Planting Configuration
  8. Care and Watering
  9. Lifting
  10. Nursery Overview