Projects & Trials

This page highlights some of the projects I have completed since 2011. The use of Tall Rooted Spike Cuttings has been an important component of all these projects; I’m convinced now these really are fantastic reclamation plants.

A note about the word “completed” above. For any reclamation project to really be considered complete the planted vegetation has to have substantially survived. In most cases some ongoing management and maintenance (especially watering) is required after the initial work is done, especially during the first growing season. This has been the case with all the projects highlighted here.

Multi-year Work by the Selkirk College IEP Students

Starting in the spring  of 2011 I have been very privileged to lead the ecosystem restoration / reclamation component of  Selkirk College’s Integrated Environmental Planning (IEP) spring field school. The focus of this work has been on a peninsula of land on the Nelson waterfront that was experiencing rapid shoreline erosion. See Selkirk College Shoreline Restoration.

2013 Earthday Event

The 2013 Earthday event resulted in the restoration of a section of Kootenay Lake shoreline at Nelson, BC using TRS Cuttings. Read about this here.

2013 Cannon Take Root Event

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2013 Project for Teck Resources

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Cottonwood Creek restoration (with Nelson Rod & Gun Club)

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