Example Red-Osier Dogwood Harvest Areas

Some example Red-Osier Dogwood harvest areas are shown below. Dogwood stems do not generally get more than about 4-5 cm in diameter, so this material can always be cut using a manual lopper.

Red-Osier Dogwood Example Area 1

G3A Apr15-12 ROD by tracks1 103_7530 (640 x 480)

Photo 1: Dormant Red-Osier Dogwood in a ditch along a rail line, near Nelson, B.C. This material is a bit on the small side overall, but some usable stems were obtained here (>2½-3 cm diameter). April 15/12

G3B Apr15-12 ROD by tracks2 103_7532 (480 x 640)

Photo 2: Close-up of dogwood seen in Photo 1.

Red-Osier Dogwood Example Area 2

G3C Mar30-10 nice roadside RedOD HPIM0080 (640 x 480)

Photo 3: Very nice Red-Osier Dogwood for live cuttings (some stems 3-4 cm in diameter). Growing here due to the presence of seepage water. March 30/10

G3F Mar30-10 HPIM0079 (640 x 480)

Photo 4: Only the larger stems here were suitable for live cuttings. March 30/10

G3D Mar30-10 ROD HPIM0081 (640 x 480)

Photo 5: Red-osier Dogwood growing in a seepage corridor. This material is too small for live cuttings (<2 cm diameter). March 30/10

Red-Osier Dogwood Example Area 3

G3E May4-12 nice RedOD 103_7962 (640 x 480)

Photo 6: This dormant Red-Osier Dogwood is in a low-lying very moist area along Hwy.6 near Nelson. It has usually bright red stems here — this could be a genetic trait of this individual making it ideally suited for landscaping purposes. This material is a bit on the small side, although some usable stems (2½-3 cm in diameter) were present. May 4/12

Red-Osier Dogwood Example Area 4

G3G May4-12 MIX ROD+Sitkawillow 103_7967 (640 x 480)

Photo 7: Mix of Sitka Willow and Red-Osier Dogwood growing on a skunk cabbage site along Hwy.6 near Nelson. Some nice dogwood live cuttings are present here. May 4/12

Mar25-10 closeup of niceRODcuttings HPIM0024 cropped (640 x 480)

Photo 8: Some nice Red-osier dogwood live cuttings, being stored on snow.