Planting in Beds

TRS Cuttings are grown using a type of air-layering technique. The procedure for planting them into beds is described here.

DSCN2793 (400 x 300)

First the prepared live cutting is threaded through the hole cut in the bottom of a potting bag.





DSCN2794 (300 x 400)


The cutting is then positioned where the next plant is to go in the bed.

Note the landscape fabric used here. On this moist site this was necessary to prevent the beds from becoming overrun with horsetail, an aggressive weed. If there is the potential for weeds to grow up from underneath, then such fabric should be laid down before planting. This is a light weight and inexpensive landscape fabric, thin enough so the spike can be easily pushed through into the soil by hand.

DSCN2796 (300 x 400)


The spike is then pushed down into the soil. On this site this is easily done due to the moist, organic soil here.

On other sites it might be necessary to pre-punch a hole in the soil with a digging bar.





DSCN2799 (300 x 400)



Be sure to stop before the unpeeled stem goes into the soil.







DSCN2803 (300 x 400)


Side the potting bag down, center the cutting, and then fill with potting mix.

Do not pack the soil mix into the bags as this will reduce aeration.






DSCN3006 (300 x 400)


Instead, hold the sides of the bag and lift up bouncing the bag slightly. This will settle the soil mix into the bag without causing compaction of the mix.

Leave at least 1/2″ to 1″ of the bag unfilled. This spaced will be filled with bark mulch to hold the top of the bag open.